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NUX Double Braced motostye Bike Seat Drum Throne - Black

NUX Double Braced motostye Bike Seat Drum Throne - Black

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NUX Double Braced Motostyle Bike Seat Drum Throne - Black
This NUX Double Braced Motostyle Drum Throne is an incredibly comfortable padded bike seat style stool, featuring a sturdy, foldable double-braced tripod base, detachable seat and rubber feet. Base made of stainless steel, worm-thread height adjustment.

Sturdy and Comfortable
Equipped with a sturdy, double-braced tripod base, this seat has rubber feet to stop slipping. The wrom thread allows you to spin the seat for your height, adjustable between 49cm to 60cm. The deep padding with its velvety feel is incredibly comfortable. This throne is seriously stable under any playing conditions. 


  • Detachable seat and folding tripod base
  • Deep padded moto/bike style seat, soft cushioned and suitable for people of all ages
  • Stainless steel base
  • Double braced legs with rubber feet
  • Worm-threaded to spin for height adjustment
  • Height range is 49cm to 60cm